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    Niagara Grocery is now closed. Thank you for your support over the years.      

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    Niagara Grocery

A large of selection of food related, locally produce and environmentally focussed books.

Thoughtful gift ideas…

I think everyone in our house gets a book for Christmas, every year. Come and check out our selection, there really is something for everyone! Many local authors are featured on our shelves.

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We All Scream for Ice Cream!

As the summer sun continues to shine, more and more people are coming in with ice cream on their minds. With our range of flavour-filled cold treats from local creameries, we can do more than deliver, we can astound. Two of our favourite local ice cream producers are Cold Comfort and Kid Sister. Both are [...]

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Farmstand Strawberries

Farmer Profile: Haliburton Community Farm

Photo by Haliburton Farm: http://haliburtonfarm.org/wp/ As the weather gets warmer, more and more local farmers are starting to give us a call, offering rhubarb, spinach, sprouting kale, and cabbage tops. These days are the beginning of Niagara’s shining season of local produce and, understandably, the staff is beyond excited. One of the key local farms [...]

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Producer Profile: Singing Bowl Granola

    Niagara Grocery is truly a showcase of local entrepreneurs, following their dreams to provide healthy, ethical food choices to the Victoria community. One of the most socially conscious and ethically sourced producers that we work with is Singing Bowl Granola, with its champion founder, Jessica Duncan. I had the wonderful opportunity to speak [...]

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Farmer Profile: Beetnik Farm

(Ian’s daughter Rhiannon prepares to cultivate their fields) Beetnik Farm is one of the many wonderful farms that provides Niagara Grocery with fresh local produce, and what better way to highlight the local farmers of Greater Victoria than to share their stories! We were delighted to interview Ian Paul, the head of Beetnik Farm, about [...]

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Not Necessarily Christmas Craft Fair — November 29th, 2014 (10am-4pm)

Crafts are a unique form of self expression which often go unappreciated. Whether an artistic outlet, a fun hobby, or a livelihood, everyone deserves a chance to share their creativity. In chatting with customers over the years we have realized the true extent of creativity present in our community. It’s so inspiring and exciting when you learn that [...]

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Let’s Get Seasonal!

As we unveil our local produce box program, bringing you a box full of local produce each week, one question keeps coming up: What happens in the winter? It is easy to grow accustomed to the idea that local produce is only available in the spring and summer. Many revert back to Californian greenhouse tomatoes and [...]

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This broccoli raab start will turn into six plants.

Veggie Tales

You know it’s spring when Alex from Green Girl Gardens shows up with veggie and plant starts. What makes them special is that they’re organic, locally grown, and hardened off. Here in Victoria we can grow a wide range of plants, so how do you choose? Choose plants that are productive. Corn is not very [...]

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RhubardCustard 1

Rhubarb Custard Bars

Chef Heidi Fink is a professional chef, food writer, cooking instructor, and Mom. She recently shared this fabulous recipe for rhubarb, which in turn she credits to Ciara Dooley of Kildara Farms. Now, no one has ever accused me of over-praising rhubarb. Sure, it’s a beautiful vegetable with its deep red stalks and pale green/white [...]

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asparagus growing


With asparagus comes Spring. This delicately-flavored perennial—especially its first few pencil-thin shoots–is the promise of a new season. We’ve cooked this vegetable dozens of ways, in soups, quiches, even stir-fries, but we’ve found the simplest way is often the best: on the grill. Trim any thick or woody bottoms from the spears, or use a [...]

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Thank you for your support over the years. Niagara Grocery is now closed.

Niagara Grocery