We All Scream for Ice Cream!


As the summer sun continues to shine, more and more people are coming in with ice cream on their minds. With 
our range of flavour-filled cold treats from local creameries, we can do more than deliver, we can astound. Two of 
our favourite local ice cream producers are Cold Comfort and Kid Sister. Both are small-scale, high quality ice cream 
producers with a passion and love for cold treats which is unparalleled. 

Cold Comfort Ice Cream has been around for a good many years by now yet they continue to grow in popularity as 
more and more people have a chance to taste their brilliance. As their website says, Cold Comfort is “curiously-flavoured, 
seasonally inspired, and locally handcrafted” in order to “give you a memorable ice cream experience”. The ice cream is made
in small batches with new, unique flavours always coming out. Their website boasts a flavour archive of 342 flavours ranging 
from Jasmine Tea to Goat Cheese & Lavender to Hoyne Dark Matter Beer. With each ice cream sandwich and pint marking 
a new experience, Cold Comfort reinvents the term 'ice cream' in a way that will make you come back for more. 

Kid Sister is, in many ways similar to Cold Comfort in that it is a small-batch ice cream operation which works to create 
tantalizing flavour combinations. This being said, while Cold Comfort specializes in the creamy sweet cookie sandwiches 
and pints, Kid Sister's main attraction is the creamy and fruity popsicle. Originally called Fruitition Palletas, Kid Sister was 
established as a Mexican-style popsicle shop with decadent ice cream and sorbet concoctions on a stick. They have branched 
out since this initial popsicle theme, yet this remains their most well-known product. Their store front on Fisgard Street, 
combined with their wholesale production for Niagara Grocery and other retailers, helps to make Kid Sister an ever-growing 
popsicle and ice cream experience. 

So now you're thinking, where can I get some of this amazing ice cream?! At Niagara Grocery, of course! Especially in the 
summer months, we make sure to have a steady supply of Cold Comfort and Kid Sister in order to satisfy that sweet craving 
for decadence. Because what would summer be without ice cream?

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