Stinging Nettles


  Apart from the inconvenient fact that they sting, nettles are a delicious & healthy ingredient in soups, pasta dishes, risotto, omelets—basically any cooked dish where you would use young spinach. They’re well worth the modest challenge of picking them, as they’re rich in vitamin C, calcium, potassium, flavonoids, histamine, and serotonin—all the nutrients you [...]

Apples to Apples

Clockwise from top: Ambrosia, Spartan, Golden Delicious, Fuji, Braeburn, Granny Smith. Center: Gala.

Peter Simonsen pulled up in his pickup this week with a thousand pounds of fresh-picked apples from his organic orchard in Keremeos, BC.  Now a half ton of apples is bound to draw some attention, so a small crowd soon gathered to sample and compare the different varieties, from Pink Ladies to Braeburns. Here’s a [...]

Leek & Potato Casserole


Jan’s Leek & Potato Casserole   What is it about the crisp, dwindling days of autumn and our sudden craving for root vegetables? Perhaps they’re the quintessential hunker-down-and-get-warm  comfort food. Here’s a particularly soul-satisfying dish from our very own produce princess, Jan Wachtin. 8 medium russet potatoes 3 medium leeks 2 tbs butter 2 cloves garlic 2 [...]

L’oeuf Story


Brown, white, free-range, free-run, omega, gluten-free…? Okay, I made the last one up, but the truth is customers often ask about the many types of eggs on the market, and which is “better”. Here’s a brief guide to the eggs we carry at Niagara Grocery & Fairfield Market, all of them local: Conventional eggs (Farmer [...]

We’re Number 3!


It’s been three years this week since Jen & I began the adventure that is Niagara Grocery. What possessed a couple of naïve keeners like us to buy a run-down, 102-year-old corner store I’ll never really know. There were onions in the candy rack, the back room was packed with old cardboard, and there were [...]

Chalk One Up


Awhile back I knocked together a sandwich board from some discarded lumber, and painted it with chalkboard paint. Aside from the obvious “Local cucumbers just arrived” or “Coffee and muffin only two bucks,” I’d chalk the odd food quote or (to my mind, anyway) witty pun. Well it didn’t take long for the sign to [...]

Kid Stuff


Hi, I’m Nina McKimmie, age 10, and I’ve tasted almost everything in Niagara Grocery. Here is my top five list of foods that kids would like (and they happen to be good for you!) Bull Kelp by Dakini Tidal Winds. Trust me, seaweed is yummy: salty and a little bit chewy. Bull kelp is a [...]

Cabbage Tops


We love braising greens: kale, chard, collards, rapini. dandelion, spinach… But I’ve never cooked with cabbage tops. They’re the second, leafy growth from cabbage plants after the familiar round head is picked. Like a lot of early-season vegetables they’re here and gone within a week or two. So when a box of fresh-picked cabbage tops [...]

The Handsome One


Our food cart raves continued this weekend as El Guapo (“the handsome one”) pulled into Fairfield Market on Friday and Niagara Grocery on Saturday, serving up their signature sandwich: grilled Berkshire pork chorizo, roasted red peppers, and arugula on a crusty bun (with a splash of olive oil). This is an incredibly flavorful sandwich made [...]

Spaghetti Western


It was like an episode from Eat Street: Foodies lined up on the sidewalk, the smell of simmering pasta wafting down Niagara Street, and friends & neighbors elbow to elbow around our harvest table. Last night Cowichan Pasta backed their food trailer into our driveway, and from 4 till 7 served up steaming bowls of [...]