House-Roasted Coffee

Find Mile O Coffee at Sammich Cafe on View Street, SunWing Greenhouses and de Vine Vineyards.

Wake up and smell the coffee… that’s what most of our neighbors do seven days a week here in James Bay. In fact Mile O Coffee is the only coffee roaster in James Bay. We offer organic, single-origin beans and blends from around the world at Niagara Grocery. Here are some of our favorites, available in half-pound or one-pound bags.

Medium roast: 

Costa Rica: A bright morning coffee with a great balance between body & acidity.

Breakwater: Our medium blend, named after our Fairfield neighborhood. A touch darker & richer than Costa Rica.

Medium-Dark (Full City Roast):

Bolivia: In this rich, well-balanced coffee, citrus and floral blossom into caramel and finish delicately with hints of chocolate.

Yirgecheffe: From Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, comes this   fruity & aromatic coffee; one of our favorites.

Java Estate: The real deal from Indonesia; medium body and moderate acidity with milk chocolate tones and a bit of spice.

Cuban Serrano: Very earthy, robust & full-bodied, with a hint of caramel.

                                                                            Dark Roast:

Niagara: Created for the men & women who guide Victoria’s ship traffic, this is our traditional French roast, with beans from 3 different origins.

Caffe Nero: Dark, shiny beans and toasty, bittersweet flavors characterize this Italian-style roast, our darkest.

                                                                        Specialty coffees:

Espresso: This is our house espresso blend of 5 beans that is both full bodied yet bright enough to stand up to steamed milk. Rich & complex.

Decaf: Rich & balanced and can also be ground for espresso. It’s Swiss-water processed, meaning no chemicals were used to “strip” the beans.